We're proud to announce that our firm achieved 100 consecutive quarters of profitability in early 2013.

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Executive Chairman Tom James on
100 consecutive quarters.

Black Monday

October 19, 1987: Black Monday. The markets collapsed, with the Dow Jones Industrial Average losing 23% of its value.

While other firms closed their trading desks to minimize internal losses, Raymond James kept its desks open to meet clients' needs. This was our first, last and only unprofitable quarter since the firm went public.

Raymond James Executive Chairman Tom James remembers that day: "We had to execute trades for clients because we couldn't reach traders at other firms across the country... they simply wouldn't answer the phone."

Since that time, because of Raymond James' agency-based business model and commitment to client service, the firm has been profitable every quarter. Twenty five years of stability that’s the result of staying true to our core values: Putting clients first, maintaining a conservative approach, promoting a culture of independence and insisting upon the highest levels of integrity in all of our associates.

We can be sure the markets will change over the next 25 years, and that our industry and firm will continue to evolve. What won't change is our commitment to the values that have driven our success.

Raymond James Timeline

As our founder, Bob James, regularly reiterated to associates: "The best way to ensure the firm's long-term focus is to focus primarily on our clients' needs."

It's worked for more than 50 years. And we're confident that it will continue to for many more to come.

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